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    with traditional and unusual souvenirs. Sale of home-made products.
  • CAFÉ
    Period café with a pleasant environment on a roofed square.
    with a stylish interior. Home-made cuisine which will fascinate you.
    Renewed tradition of brewing the Karlovy Vary KAREL IV beer.
  • Jan Becher MUSEUM



BECHERPLATZ - restaurant
BECHERPLATZ - beer brewery

A unique tourist facility was created by a conversion of a 170 years old Becherovka plant in the very centre of Karlovy Vary recalling the atmosphere of an old square from the 19th century by its appearance where you can rest and enjoy a cup of good coffee in Kaffee Magazin Café or buy souvenirs, delicacies and beer called KAREL IV. You can walk down from the square by oak stairs directly to the original restaurant and the Karel IV Brewery. The chef pays close attention to making sure that most products are home-made by us.

In the place where the Becherovka used to mature in the past decades there is a restaurant and the Karel IV Brewery now. You can sit on comfortable chairs made from the wood from the old casks here and warm yourselves by the heating system using the stainless steel pipes system of the former Becherovka plant. Lunch menu is offered in the Karel IV restaurant every day, as well as other dishes coming not only from our grandmothers’ cookbooks.

If you do not want to take advantage of the kitchen in the suite you will certainly find something to enjoy in our restaurant.

You will learn more directly on the BECHERPLATZ website.

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